Meet Our Team

Stephen Kadis

Founder and President

Steve Kadis had an early interest in computers as a child that led him to have an IT career spanning over forty years. Steve’s early venture for an IT company, SAK Enterprises, later evolved into the ServerSIM in 2002. Steve’s passion for breaking down big business solutions into practical solutions and making them applicable for any business of any size led to the growth of ServerSIM venturing into full IT support. Today Steve’s continues to help clients with large projects while passing on his knowledge and experience to today’s technicians. His vision for the future of ServerSIM is to continue providing the community with the latest in solutions for IT support and telecommunications.

Charles Myers

Executive Vice President

Charlie Myers joined ServerSIM in 2016 after partnering with Steve Kadis repeatedly over the previous 10 years in supporting mutual clients. Charlie brings 25 years of experience in telecommunications, data sales, and business management. With Charlie’s experience and vision, TelX was launched offering businesses a range of VOIP solutions tailored for their needs. His experience in business operations and management gave ServerSIM the tools and necessary structure to implement many solutions that ensured a better client experience. He strives to further the growth of ServerSIM by offering clients the best product solutions and ensuring that ServerSIM operates and executes at the highest level in every division.

Thomas Longberry

Client Solutions Manager

Tom Longberry started with ServerSIM in 2007 as the first technician. Over the years he has grown to lead technician then to being responsible for the training and management of new technicians. Tom has over 30 years’ experience in IT with certifications from Stark State College of Technology. As Client Solutions Manager, his focus is to work with ServerSIM clients to reach their goals to improve their system capabilities, disaster recovery, and in securing their networks from possible infiltration. He and his team are continuously looking at new technology and applying them as practical solutions for clients.

Crystal Gould

Administrative Services Manager

Crystal Gould joined ServerSIM with 15 years of customer service and management experience. In the role of Administrator Services Manager, her goal is to make sure her team offer clients the best possible customer experience while supporting and keeping clear lines of communication within every facet of ServerSIM. Her other focus is operations. “A well thought out operation not only streamlines and works efficiently within the company, but it should also positively affect the customer experience. Everything should come back to not only giving clients great interactions, but also letting them know they are not alone. We are truly their partner when handling their IT/communication needs. Their success is our success. That is what a well-executed operation conveys.”

Devin Brough

Information Systems Manager

Devin started with ServerSIM in July of 2019. Studying computer science at Stark State College, he had spent six years in the customer service industry before transitioning to information technology. Devin quickly distinguished himself among his peers for his work ethic, customer service skills, and his willingness to learn whatever was thrown his way. With his background in program and design, Devin began looking for ways to improve ServerSIM’s internal programs, like TelX, while also improving the client experiencing. Devin took over the role of Information Systems Manager July 2020. Under his leadership, he looks to continue ensuring that ServerSIM is integrating the latest features and security measures while ensuring updates are user friendly.

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