Our Story

ServerSIM started with one man who wanted to take the IT solutions afforded to large corporations and break them down to be accessible and practical to the community. Steve Kadis had started SAK Enterprises while working in IT for other companies in Northeast Ohio. In 2002, SAK Enterprises became ServerSIM as Steve saw the need for adapting the latest in technological solutions for any business of any size. ServerSIM started with offering server hosting to those that could not afford to support their own server farms. Partnering with others, ServerSIM began helping businesses with innovative solutions that were not yet package-ready in the market. This practice of being an early adapter to technology trends and helping businesses apply them led to ServerSIM offering full IT support.

ServerSIM’s full IT support stepped in where a growing need was emerging. The need for businesses to have access to IT experts that knew the ins and outs of their systems that was often lacking in the standard break/fix environment for IT support. ServerSIM could offer businesses piece of mind and allow leaders to focus on the growth of their enterprises rather than trying to keep up with the latest technological changes and threats.

Today, ServerSIM has grown to offer businesses more than IT and unified communications support. ServerSIM has actively recruited individuals whose skills and knowledge encompass the wide range of IT skills from infrastructure builds, network setups, cybersecurity, programming and software customization, to knowledge of computer devices, network equipment, and telecommunications. Looking to the future, ServerSIM continues to look to adapt new technologies as they are needed in today’s rapidly evolving networks.

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