Why Choose A VPN?

Posted: April 10, 2020

Why Choose A VPN?

The Benefits of Investing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With the new stay at home order in effect many businesses have had to go to new lengths to keep their staff up and working. Moving an entire workforce from an office setting to working from home can cause a lot of challenges, but there is one way to make the transition an easier one. By getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) license you are not only helping your workers, but you are helping the future of your company as well.

A VPN is a secure tunnel for online browsing. The technology helps you establish a secure and encrypted connection over the internet between your device and the server. It masks your device’s identity and encrypts data that your PC or mobile phone pushes out onto the internet. This will give you the protection from hackers being able to trace your employees working back to your company’s IP address and cause further damage. This will also allow them to still use all of the files saved onto your company’s server. Having a VPN can be crucial for these unprecedented times, and help your company up their online security in the process.

Here at ServerSIM, our technicians are very familiar and confident in setting up these VPN, and able to do so remotely so there is no need for in person contact. We can also take care of the acquisition of a VPN for you, so all you would need to worry about is making the decision to help further your company’s productivity and safety. Please reach out to us if you think that this product could be the best move forward for your company. Contact ServerSIM at 330.830.5570, we'll be glad to help you in these unprecedented times.

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